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B REF001 C
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Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
KC1IHK B 2018/09/22 13:34:14
AA1HO B 2018/09/22 13:20:01
N1CEO C 2018/09/22 10:27:00
B 2018/09/21 17:48:33
KG1H DAVID, MARLBORO MA B 2018/09/21 14:55:44

Status as of 2018/09/22 13:44:47

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Local RF Users
CallsignLast TX onDate-Time
KC1IHKWB1GOF B2018-09-22 13:34:14 EDT
AA1HOWB1GOF B2018-09-22 13:20:01 EDT
N1CEOWB1GOF C2018-09-22 10:27:00 EDT

Remote Users
CallsignLast TX onSourceDate-Time
W4LOVWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 13:00:13 EDT
VE1JCSWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 12:43:38 EDT
N8CDWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 12:32:43 EDT
VY2DACWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 12:07:21 EDT
VE3OGBWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 11:05:10 EDT
WD8IXCWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 10:23:23 EDT
KC8YQLWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 10:20:47 EDT
VA2IRWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 09:40:40 EDT
KD8AGO HWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 09:00:50 EDT
KE8OFWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 08:27:31 EDT
2E0BRQWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-22 06:09:36 EDT
VE3OUIWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:57:44 EDT
VE3AJBWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:48:17 EDT
VE2LPSWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:44:28 EDT
VE3HYEWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-09-21 22:34:55 EDT
VE5RSWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-09-21 22:30:52 EDT
VA3EMGWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:28:17 EDT
VE3SIZWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-09-21 22:26:02 EDT
VE3BOWWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:22:22 EDT
VA3WMWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:20:03 EDT
VE3BEKWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:16:33 EDT
VE3JFNWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:08:15 EDT
VE3LDJWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 22:05:18 EDT
VE2DEWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:57:54 EDT
VE6PWTWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-09-21 21:55:31 EDT
VE6DLCWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:54:52 EDT
VE3OTLWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:41:56 EDT
VE3TTOWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:33:53 EDT
VE3XBHWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:31:56 EDT
VA3TDGWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:28:21 EDT
VE3FLKWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:25:16 EDT
W8CANWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:20:32 EDT
VE4GWBWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:18:34 EDT
VE5HGWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-09-21 21:16:08 EDT
VE3GMZWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 21:07:10 EDT
W9DFWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-09-21 20:36:01 EDT

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