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B REF050 C
C unlinked
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Remote Users
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Last Heard
Callsign User Message Last TX on Time
W1BFT KEVIN-Wilminwton,LA B 2018/03/18 12:44:07
WD1V 5100 John MHT NH B 2018/03/18 11:10:39
WB4EJR B 2018/03/18 08:09:15

Status as of 2018/03/18 14:54:01

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Local RF Users
CallsignLast TX onDate-Time
W1BFTWB1GOF B2018-03-18 12:44:07 EDT
WD1VWB1GOF B2018-03-18 11:10:39 EDT
KB1MWDWB1GOF B2018-03-17 20:03:36 EDT
KC1ELDWB1GOF B2018-03-17 16:01:39 EDT
KC1ILHWB1GOF B2018-03-17 12:56:38 EDT
AE1IWB1GOF B2018-03-17 12:48:17 EDT
N1GSCWB1GOF B2018-03-17 10:47:30 EDT

Remote Users
CallsignLast TX onSourceDate-Time
K7WOFWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 14:33:15 EDT
VE3XTDWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 13:27:10 EDT
W8DMMWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 13:26:32 EDT
VA3UVWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 11:57:41 EDT
VE5HGWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 11:54:25 EDT
VE5ARJWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 10:37:16 EDT
KD8AGOWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 07:56:43 EDT
VA2IRWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 07:56:24 EDT
KD8AGO BWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-18 07:54:52 EDT
VA3ACOWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 21:16:57 EDT
VE1JCSWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 21:16:43 EDT
JJ4VMLWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 20:05:35 EDT
KD8RMTWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 19:55:24 EDT
VE5RSWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 18:29:51 EDT
KC8LAWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 17:01:02 EDT
VE3XBOWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 15:38:13 EDT
N8PPXWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 13:52:27 EDT
KA8SCPWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 12:00:59 EDT
VE2LHUWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-17 08:44:37 EDT
VA3WMWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-03-16 23:41:11 EDT
VE4RFWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-03-16 23:07:11 EDT
VE3OUIWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:52:55 EDT
VE3AJBWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:50:51 EDT
KC8YQLWB1GOF BXRF021 B2018-03-16 22:46:12 EDT
VE6ENWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:43:51 EDT
W8CANWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:38:59 EDT
KC9SIOWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:35:28 EDT
VE7LEEWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:25:59 EDT
VE4GWNWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:20:05 EDT
VE2YURWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:19:23 EDT
VE4GWBWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:12:37 EDT
VE2KGKWB1GOF CXRF038 A2018-03-16 22:10:54 EDT

Status as of Sunday, 2018-03-18 14:52:03 EDT
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